Census Information for Watertown & Oakville, CT


Most people use either the US National Archives or the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (The Mormons) as the source of microfilms of the US Census.


The location of Nat. Archives & Records Admin. record centers can be found at their site:  

                                    NARA Record Centers

You may also rent copies of the films directly or through a local library.  For more info see:

                                    NARA Rental Program

Your nearest LDS - FHC (Family History Center) can be found using their search page at:


    You can rent films for use at the FHC.  When ordering census microfilms at the LDS-FHC, you need to know which film covers the locality you are interested in.  For Watertown/Oakville, CT; here are some of the film numbers.  It is often difficult to know which film to order as they are listed by the county and census Enumeration District and not by the local town or city.

Year LDS Film Number Enumeration District Sheets Comment
1790       On Line Here
1880  The LDS has this year on CDs at the churches. On Line Here
1890   Burned in a fire in the Commerce Dept. Bldg. - Not Available for Connecticut


ED 262 Sheets 1A to 22A  
" " ED 263 Sheets 1A to 10B  West of Straits Turnpike
1910 1374148 ED 283 Sheets 1A to 28B  
" " ED 284 Sheets 1A to 12B  
1920 1820187 ED 227 Sheets 1A to 48B   East side of Wtn.
" " ED 228 Sheets 1A to 14A   West side of Wtn.
1930 2340005 ED 3-47   Oakville Fire District
" " ED 3-48   Watertown Fire District
" " ED 3-49   Wtn. excluding fire districts


The Soundex system is a method of indexing names in the 1880, 1900, 1910, and 1920 US
Census. Soundex can also aid genealogists by identifying spelling variations for a given



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