The First Congregational Church of Watertown, CT published a list of members in April, 1873.  Below is a transcription of the list as it appeared in the original document.  The list started on page 17.  The names are not in exact alphabetical order.

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The First Congregational Church, in Watertown, (formerly Westbury), was organized in 1739. The records of the church for the first fifty years are lost, and the catalogue of its members for this period, as given in this manual, is not supposed to comprise the names of all who were members of the church during the early part of Mr. Trumbull's ministry.  From 1789 the records are thought to be complete.

List of Members


page 17

Nathaniel Arnold Mrs. Thomas Cole
Mrs. Nathaniel Arnold Abigail Cole
William Andrus Gamalial Clark
Mrs. William Andrus Mrs. Gamalial Clark
Abram Andrus Rebecca Carrington
Mrs. Abram Andrus Thomas Dutton
David Andrus Thomas Dutton
Mrs. David Andrus Mrs. Thomas Dutton
William Andrus Michael Dayton
Mrs. William Andrus Mrs. Michael Dayton
Timothy Andrus Charles Dayton
John Andrus Mrs. Charles Dayton
Mrs. John Andrus David Dayton
Eldad Andrus Mrs. David Dayton
Mrs. Eldad Andrus John Eggleston
Huldah Andrus Mrs. John Eggleston
Ethan Andrus Lydia Dailey
Mrs. Ethan Andrus Nathaniel Edwards
Theophilus Baldwin Mrs. Nathaniel Edwards
Abel Bronson Widow Edwards
Nathan Bronson John Foot
Mrs. Nathan Bronson Mrs. John Foot
Andrew Bostwick Jacob Foot
Mrs. Andrew Bostwick Mrs. Jacob Foot
Thomas Bronson Thomas Foot
Mrs. Thomas Bronson Mrs. Thomas Foot
Thomas Cole Thomas Foot, Jr.

All of the above are deceased.



page 18

Mrs. Thomas Foot, Jr. Mrs. Samuel Hickox
Thomas Fenn Amos Hickox
Mrs. Thomas Fenn Mrs. Amos Hickox
Timothy Foot Jonas Hickox
Mrs. Timothy Foot Mrs. Jonas Hickox
John Fenn, Jr. Ambrose Hickox
Mrs. John Fenn, Jr. Mrs. Ambrose Hickox
David Fenn Ambrose Hickox, Jr.
Mrs. David Fenn Mrs. Ambrose Hickox, Jr.
Samuel Foot Daniel Hickox
Mrs. Samuel Foot Samuel Hickox, Jr.
Isaac Foot Mrs. Samuel Hickox, Jr.
Mrs. Isaac Foot Consider Hickox
Nathan Foot Mrs. Consider Hickox
Mrs. Nathan Foot Joseph Hickox
Joseph Edwards Mrs. Joseph Hickox
Mrs. Joseph Edwards Ephraim Howe
Nathan Ferris Mrs. Ephraim Howe
Mrs. Nathan Ferris Mrs. Joel Hungerford
Mrs. Titus Fulford Jonas Hungerford
Mrs. Samuel Doolittle Mrs. Jonas Hungerford
Mrs. Brewster Judd Mary S. Guernsey
Titus Fenn Min Judd
Mrs. Titus Fenn Mrs. Min Judd
Mrs. Amos Fenn Timothy Judd
Elizabeth Fulford William Judd
Noah Griggs Mrs. William Judd
Mrs. Noah Griggs Stephen Judd
Thomas Hickox Mrs. Stephen Judd
Mrs. Thomas Hickox Elnathan Judd
Thomas Hammond Mrs. Elnathan Judd
Mrs. Daniel Hickox John Judd
David Hungerford Mrs. John Judd
Mrs. David Hungerford Samuel Judd
Joel Hungerford Mrs. Samuel Judd
Josiah Hubbard Mrs. Isham Judd
Mrs. Josiah Hubbard Benjamin Judd
Samuel Hickox Mrs. Benjamin Judd
All of the above are deceased.

page 19

William Judd Mrs. Samuel Reynolds
Mrs. William Judd Noah Richards
Edmund Lockwood Mrs. Noah Richards
Mrs. Edmund Lockwood Thomas Richards
Gideon Leavenworth Mrs. Thomas Richards
Mrs. Gideon Leavenworth Mrs. Susannah Richards
John Merriam Mrs. Elizabeth Richards
Mrs. John Merriam Samuel Reynolds, Jr.
Thomas Matthews Mrs. Samuel Reynolds, Jr.
Mrs. Thomas Matthews Theophilus Ransom
Stephen Matthews Mrs. Theophilus Ransom
Mrs. Stephen Matthews Mr. Scoville
Isaac Merriam Mrs. Scoville
Mrs. Isaac Merriam Wolsey Scott
Thomas Merriam Mrs. Wolsey Scott
Mrs. Thomas Merriam Mrs. John Stoddard
Joshua Morse Stephen Scott
Mrs. Joshua Morse Mrs. Stephen Scott
Mrs. Daniel Merrils Eber Scott
Gideon Matthews Mrs. Eber Scott
John Nettleton Jonathan Scott
Mrs. John Nettleton Mrs. Jonathan Scott
Joseph Nettleton Eleazer Scott
Mrs. Joseph Nettleton Mrs. Eleazer Scott
Christopher Merriam Wait Scott
Mrs. Christopher Merriam Mrs. Wait Scott
John Parker Richard Seymour
Mrs. John Parker Mrs. Richard Seymour
Mrs. David Punderson William Southmayd
Jeremiah Peck Mrs. William Southmayd
Mrs. Jeremiah Peck Eliphaz Scott
Jeremiah Peck, Jr. Mrs. Eliphaz Scott
Mrs. Jeremiah Peck, Jr. Joash Seymour
Asa Porter Obadiah Scott
Mrs. Asa Porter Mrs. Obadiah Scott
Ebenezer Porter David Scott
Mrs. Ebenezer Porter Mrs. David Scott
Samuel Reynolds Jedediah Turner
All of the above are deceased.

page 20

Mrs. Jedediah Turner Jessie Welton
Daniel Tyler, Jr. Mrs. Jessie Welton
Mrs. Daniel Tyler, Jr. Timothy Williams
Rev. John Trumbull Mrs. Timothy Williams
Mrs. John Trumbull Israel Woodward
John Trumbull, Jr. Mrs. Israel Woodward
Mrs. John Trumbull, Jr. Isaac Woodruff
Israel Scoville Mrs. Isaac Woodruff
Mrs. Israel Scoville John Woodruff
James Williams Mrs. John Woodruff
David Seymour Ebenezer Wetmore
Mrs. David Seymour Mrs. Ebenezer Wetmore
Samuel Stowe John Woodruff, Jr.
Mrs. Samuel Stowe Mrs. John Woodruff, Jr.
Eleazar Stowe Israel Williams
Mrs. Eleazar Stowe Mrs. Israel Williams
Martha Tompkins Aaron Hackley
Stephen Welton Mrs. Aaron Hackley
Mrs. Stephen Welton Capt. Davis
Peter Welton Mrs. Capt. Davis
Mrs. Peter Welton Mrs. Simeon Cole
Peter Welton, Jr. Mrs. John Doolittle
Mrs. Peter Welton, Jr. Mrs. Samuel Southmayd
Elijah Welton Sarah Richards
Mrs. Elijah Welton Jonas Hickox, Jr.

Admissions during the ministry of Rev. Uriel Gridley


Thomas Hammond, Jr.
Young L. Cutler Mrs. Thomas Hammond, Jr.
Mrs. Young L. Cutler Polly Fancher
Elijah Birge Widow Platt
Mrs. Elijah Birge Widow Esther Guernsey
Mrs. John Partree Abel Woodward


Mrs. Abel Woodward
David Fancher Mrs. Jonas Hickox
Lois A. Peck Samuel Seymour
Israel Baird Woodword Mrs. Samuel Seymour
Stephen Fenn Mrs. Nathan Atwood
All of the above are deceased.

page 21

1791 1798
Mrs. Amos Osborn Abraham Scott
Mrs. Lent Parker Mrs. Abraham Scott
Mr. Bradley Curtiss Fairchild
Mrs. Bradley Mrs. Amasa Parker
Mehitable Lockwood Mrs. Christopher Merriam
Dina Bassett Jared Bidwell
Mrs. Timothy Ward Mrs. Jared Bidwell
1792 1799
Ezra Lockwood James Merriam
Mrs. Ezra Lockwood Polly Howes
Mrs. Osee Sithniggs Mrs. Samuel Martin


Polly Nettleton
Widow Gorman Mrs. Benajah Bryan
Asahel Edwards Lyman Dayton


Mrs. Lyman Dayton
Mrs. Jacob Foote Mrs. John Nettleton
Mrs. Ambrose Hickox Ezra Fields
Eben Lewis Mrs. Ezra Fields
Mrs. Eben Lewis Sheldon Gibbons


Mrs. Sheldon Gibbons
Laura Bull



Mrs. Capt. Whiting
Mrs. Heman Munson Clark Davis
Israel Perry Mrs. Clark Davis
Mrs. Charles Dayton Samuel Dayton
Nehemiah DeForest Mrs. Samuel Dayton
Newton Morris Abel Dayton
Mrs. Hezekiah Orton Mrs. Abel Dayton
Patty Judson Andrew Baldwin
Mrs. Edward Warren Mrs. Andrew Baldwin


Amos Foote
Mrs. Nathan Atwood Mrs. Amos Foote
Chloe Fancher Amasa Mattoon
Mrs. Skilton Atwood Nathan Atwood, Jr.
Thomas Merchant Hannah Fancher
Mrs. Thomas Merchant Gideon Hotchkiss
Amasa Parker Mrs. Gideon Hotchkiss
All of the above are deceased.

page 22

Betsey Brownson Mrs. Thomas Dutton
Mrs. Jonathan Guernsey


Mrs. Increase Whitmore Lemuel Judson
Mrs. Daniel Hickox Jonathon Sanford
Mrs. Elizabeth Titus Foot Mrs. Jonathon Sanford
Thomas Fenn, Jr.


Mrs. Thomas Fenn, Jr. Isaac Peck
Amos Titus


Mrs. Amos Titus Mrs. Ira Tolles
Olive Andrus Widow Susanna Whitney
Mrs. Gideon Richards Widow Eunice Daily
Rebecca, Mrs. Ezra Blackman


Mrs. Isaac Osborne Theophilus Baldwin, Jr.
Mrs. Jacob Griggs Mrs. Theophilus Baldwin, Jr.
Mrs. Phineas Matthews Mrs. Joseph Guernsey, Jr.
Isaac Woodruff Sylvia Morie
Mrs. Isaac Woodruff Widow Dennis Bradley
Mrs. Elijah Woodward Mrs. Nathaniel Canfield


Mrs. Jared Byington
Mrs. Thomas Merchant John May
Anna Bronson Sampson Stoddard
Mrs. Jessie Atwood


Mrs. Jos. Scoville Merriam Bela Hotchkiss
Mrs. Joseph Seymour Anna, Mrs. Bela Hotchkiss
Mrs. Benjamin Morris Polly, Mrs. Isaac Peck
Mrs. Rice Merriam Benj. M. Peck
Jared Beecher Selina, Mrs. Benj. M. Peck
Mrs. Jared Beecher Rachel Luddington


Kesiah Merriam
John Bryan Polly Bryan
Mrs. John Bryan Abbe Bassett
Mrs. Uriel Gridley Nancy Matthews
Mrs. Enoch Perkins Daniel Atwood
Mrs. Simeon Peck Polly, Mrs. Daniel Atwood
John Bryan, Jr. Elam Beardsley
Mrs. John Bryan, Jr. Rebecca, Mrs. Elam Beardsley


Mrs. Elijah Merriam
Thomas Dutton Seth Atwood

All of the above are deceased


page 23

Norman Atwood Susan Hungerford
Sally, Mrs. Joseph Woodruff Betsey DeForest


Mrs. Samuel Bryan
Phebe Hickox Ezra Judd
Amanda Gibbons Mrs. Isaac Peck
Eunice, Mrs. Burr Beecher


Julia Beecher Mrs. Anthony Guernsey
Mrs. James Miles Mrs. John Seymour


Eliza Scott
Truman Baldwin Mrs. Gideon Hotchkiss
Nancy, Mrs. T. Baldwin Mrs. John R. Allyn
Elizabeth Platt Mrs. Leonard Knowles
Mrs. John Partree Mrs. Isaac Tuttle
Mrs. John Woodward Mrs. Ransom Lewis
Abigail, Mrs. Nehemiah Tolles Minerva Dayton
Anna, Mrs. Wheeler Dailey Eli Smith
Bathsheba, Mrs. Alsoph Baldwin Mrs. Eli Smith
Polly Avery Lucy Davis


Mercy Porter
Susanna Gridley Silence Scott
Susan, Mrs. Lewis Warren


Parthena, Mrs. Avery Skilton Silas Frost


Mrs. Silas Frost
Maria, Mrs. Harry Skilton, 2d Luther Judd


Mrs. Luther Judd
Widow Anna Foot Ransom Scovil
Tabitha, Mrs. Dr. Asa Porter Polly, Mrs. Ransom Scovil
Oliver Nettleton Joel Hungerford
Mrs. Oliver Nettleton Sophia, Mrs. Friend Davis
Bela Seymour Fanny, Mrs. Chester Merriam
Mrs. Bela Seymour Maria, Mrs. Ebenezer Guernsey
Amos Foot Tabitha Skilton
Eunice, Mrs. Amos Foot David Dayton
Mrs. Philo Thomas Elizabeth, Mrs. David Dayton


Anthea Guernsey
Mrs. Benj. DeForest Edna, Mrs. Isaac Osborn
Mrs. Joel Hungerford Phebe, Mrs. David Wheeler

page 24

Abigail, Mrs. Isaac Merriam, Jr. Mrs. Chloe Whitney
Sally Partree Mrs. Susan Lane
Lucia, Mrs. Lucius Woodward



Maria, Mrs. Harry Skilton
Alice, Mrs. Abram Hawley Laurana, Mrs. Isaac Osborn
Rose, Mrs. Obed Linsley Friend P. Davis
Charlotte Edwards Electa Mattoon

Admissions during the interval between Mr. Gridley and Mr. Hooker



Isaac Bradley
Zachariah B. Peet Fanny, Mrs. Daniel Fox

Admissions during the ministry of Rev. Horace Hooker



Harriet, Mrs. Ransom Scovil
Dan Platt


Mrs. Dan Platt Sarah, Mrs. John Morris


Asahel A. Hotchkiss
Lucy Dutton Lucy Woodward
Mrs. Israel Smith  

Admissions during the ministry of Rev. Darius O. Griswold



Julia Woodruff
Jonathan Judson Jerusha Tyler
Mrs. Jonathan Judson Mary Baldwin
Rebecca, Mrs. Abel Judson Levian Warren
Daniel P. Dutton Belinda Porter
Harriet Bradley Parmela Munson
Timothy C. Steele Senah Dayton
Hannah, Mrs. T. C. Steele Huldah Seymour
Lyman Fields Nancy Merriam
Alma, Mrs. James Tuttle Rebecca DeForest
Nancy Bassett Caroline McDonald
Ira Hotchkiss Mrs. Cordelia Bryan
Roxana, Mrs. Ira Hotchkiss Mary Ann Barnes
Minerva Fairchild Rhoda Butler

page 25

Mary Ann Allyn Phebe Stoddard
Alma Partree Abigail Seymour
Alma Bidwell Sarah Seymour
Huldah Porter Almira Daley
Rhoda Porter Sally Seymour
Rosette Baldwin Maria Bryan
Alma Dutton Silas Hotchkiss
John Seymour Truman Dayton
Allen Drake David Mattoon
Eli Baldwin Richard Fenn
Jacob Munson Harvey Stoddard
John Partree James Tuttle
Orre Tyler John Morris
Isaac N. Woodruff Elijah Steele
Henry O'Brien Abigail Judson
Sheldon Merriam Sabra Fox
Alexis Seymour Mrs. Ann Woodin
Samuel G. Dayton Susan Scott
Jeremiah Barnes Charity E. Hendricks
Edwin P. Merriam Ann Baldwin
Julius P. Baldwin Susan Baldwin
Howard D. Baldwin Polly Barnes
Sheldon Seymour Fanny Munson
Jeremiah Peck, 2d Ann Tolls
Sarah Stoddard Maria Dailey
Anna Guernsey Heman Scott
Elizabeth Aspinwall Ezra Fields
Rosette Nettleton Merit W. Barnes
Hannah, Mrs. Elijah Steele Cornelius Munson
Selina Stoddard Ransom Tolls
Rhoda Partree Samuel Stoddard
Orre Porter David Partree
Rebecca Lockwood Anthony Guernsey
Nancy P. Mattoon


Harriet Dayton Milo P, Mrs. Nathan Woodward
Manarey Partree Margaret, Mrs. Allen Drake
Louisa Atwood Fanny, Mrs. Ozias Peck
Rebecca Nettleton Nancy, Mrs. Milo Baldwin

page 26

Betsey, Mrs. Truman Baldwin Lemuel Peck
Alvin Hine Charles G. Edwards
Isaac Bristol Sarah, Mrs. C. G. Edwards
Truman Baldwin, 2d James L. Dunning
Milo Baldwin Allyn M. Hungerford
Lucius Woodward Frederick F. Osborne
Thomas Merchant Emily, Mrs. F. F. Osborne
Lucy, Mrs. Norman Bull Amos M. Judd
Caroline Lewis Benjamin DeForest
Asa Cowles Sarah Baldwin


Clarrissa Baldwin
Lovice Jeffers Amanda C. Judson
Mehitable, Mrs. Edward E. Davis Lucy, Mrs. John DeForest
Roxy Bryan Alma DeForest
Emel ne, Mrs. Matthew D. Merriam Ann Maria DeForest
William Hotchkiss Ruth Ann Hawley
Wells Stoddard Susan Hawley
Content P. Barnes Emily H. Hawley
Hannah Camp Eliza Marsh
Gideon Camp Nancy Munson
Nathan Atwood Sarah Stoddard
Susannah, Mrs. N. Atwood Elizabeth Hotchkiss


Sally Judd
Mrs. Zeruiah Hubbard Eloise Morris
Mrs. Susannah Cole Huldah H. Maltby
Norman Bull Ruth Porter
Adain Minor Hannah Partree


Laura E. Allyn
Dotha Atwood Esther H. Tyler


Julia Ann Dutton
Thaddeus Baldwin Abigail Allyn
Jesse S. Baldwin Sarah Maria Merriam
Andrew Bronson Julia Scott
Samuel E. Bushnell Mary L. Strong
Elmer N. Peek Ann Warren
Horace M. Peck Lydia Woodward
  Sophia Hotchkiss
  Jane Hotchkiss

page 27

William Atwood Amelia Goodyear
Roderick Bryan


Samuel Bryan Martha, Mrs. David Baldwin
Amos Clarke Mrs. Caroline B. Robinson
Henrietta, Mrs. Amos Clarke Mrs. Asenath Hurd
Eli Curtis Mrs. Nancy Hitchcock
John Judd Abby Woodward
David R. Merriam David Woodward
Isaac Nettleton Selina, Mrs. Harry Fenn
Isaac Osborne, Jr. Lurana, Mrs. Elmer N. Peck
Ozias Peck Asahel Hotchkiss
Bennet Warner Rachael, Mrs. Asahel Hotchkiss
David Woodin Maria Hotchkiss
David S. Bryan Nathan W. Atwood
Rebecca Andrus Sarah Ann, Mrs. N. W. Atwood
Mileta Hotchkiss


Gideon Leavenworth Eliza Ann, Mrs. Amos M. Judd
Mary, Mrs. Gideon Leavenworth  
Mary Pitcher  
Amelia Griggs  

Admissions during the interval between Rev. D. O. Griswold and              Rev. Wm. B. DeForest



Mrs. Clarissa T. Tucker  
Admissions during the ministry of Rev. Wm. B. DeForest
Weltha Eliza Barnes Miss Polly Clark
Abby Cozier Charles C. Prince
Abigail Tolls Philomela DeForest
Mrs. Delia Miles Mary Hotchkiss
Amy Baldwin Martha Hotchkiss
Mrs. Lydia DeForest Mary E. Platt
Temperance Andrus Alice C. Judson


Mrs. Esther Freeman
Mrs. Polly Clark Ann, Mrs. Sam'l H. Nettleton

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