This is the listing from the 1919 Bell Telephone Co. Classified Directory for Watertown & Oakville, CT.  This is one page of a 36 page book covering 14 cities and towns in the "Waterbury District".

Category / Company Name Address Phone No.
Agricultural Implements
Hitchcock Hardware Co. Main 45-4
Automobile Garages
Atwood, I D Baldwin 69-4
Garnsey, Ray Main 52-13
Johnson, Harry Main 45-2
Watertown Auto Service Main 251
Watertown Auto Service Main 43-5
Banks & Trust Companies
Watertown Trust Co. Main 156
Cabinet Makers
Doolittle & Putnam Depot St. 116
Carpenters and Builders
Doolittle & Putnam Depot St. 116
Cattle Dealers
Goldberg & Arbes Watertown 49-4
Conlon, John A. Buckingham 77
Howe, Arthur Woodbury Rd. 31-13
Loftus, J J Watertown 40
Todd, Leonard E. Main, Oakville 83-4
Thompson, Gordon L. Cutler 96-2
Wells, Clarence E. North 224
Whitcome, F. B. The Green 102
White, Robert S. Hillside Ave. Oakville 73-5
Coal Dealers
Brahen & Beach Oakville 78
Leonard, M. D. & Co. Watertown 16
Stone, C. A. Oakville 248
Casagrande, A. Main 243
Gora, John Main, Oakville 241-3
Contractors & Builders
Abbott, Chas. F. Co. The Main, Oakville 121-3
Guglielmetty Bros. & Co. Riverside, Oakville 44-5
Margraff, H. D. Main 131
Druggists, Retail
Oakville Drug Co. Main, Oakville 247
Post Office Drug Store Watertown 242
Southworth's Pharmacy Watertown 68-2
Sullivan, D. G. Main 249
Sullivan, D. G. Main 115-2
Dry Goods
Roberts Dry Goods Co. Community Bldg. 179-2
Dry Goods, Retail
Watertown Dry Goods Co. Main 252
Fruits & Vegetables
Daveluy Bros. Depots 67-2
Mara, Nick Oakville 241-2
Grocers, Retail
Atwood, Harry F. Main 70
Beaudry, Moses Porter 71-12
Jones, W. H. Oakville 97
Town Hall Town Officers 95-2
Hardware Mnfrs.
Smith, Seymour & Sons Oakville 274-2
Hardware & Cutlery
Hitchcock Hardware Co. Main 45-4
Pearce, Mrs. Randall Main 240
Watertown Mfg. Co. The Watertown 50
Magee, R. V. P O Bldg. 68-3
Landscape Architects
Bennett, John L. Main 79
Livery Stables
Brahen, M. E. Watertown 63-3
Lumber Dealers
Watertown Lumber Co. The opp Depot 158
Skilton, Harry A. Scott Av. 14-2
Masons' Materials
Watertown Lumber Co. The opp Depot 158
Meat Markets
Barton, A. W. Woodbury Rd. 61-14
Evans, Herbert J. Main 8
Evans, Robert S. Main, Oakville 181
Watertown Public Market Main 43-4
Cone, Fredk Mrs. Bunker Hill Rd. 84-14
Mattoon, Mary S. Watertown 130
Physicians and Surgeons
Jackson, C. W. Watertown 10-2
Loveland, E. K. Watertown 11
Munger, W. S. Watertown 59-3
Reade, Edwin C. Main 18
Plumbers & Gasfitters
Palmer, Ray Litchfield Rd 34-13
Poultry Dealers
Brown, Joseph E. Oakville 91-5
Public Departments
Watertown Fire Dept. 176
Railroad Companies
N Y N H & H R R Co. Watertown 36
N Y N H & H R R Co. Oakville 27-12
Real Estate Agents & Brokers
Magee, R. V. Post Office Bldg. 68-3
Schools & Colleges
Baldwin School North 62-5
South School Oakville 74-3
Taft's School Watertown 234
Shoes, Retail
Krantz, Lewis S. Main, Oakville 83-12
McGowan, T. F. Main 101
Penta, Joseph Depot 43-3
Watertown Dry Goods Co. Main 246
Silk Manufacturers
Heminway, M. & Sons Silk Co. Watertown 260
Heminway & Bartlett Silk Co. Watertown 26
Tavern, The H K H Silk Co. Echo Lake Road 250-2
Textile Mills
HKH Silk Co. The Watertown 260
Roberts Dry Goods Co. Community Bldg. 179-2
Umbrella Makers' Supplies
Woolson, James B. Woolson 15
Hickox, Howard M. Watertown 30


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