(Including Watertown)



A General Directory of the Citizens, MAP, Street Directories,

Classified Business Directories,

Officers of City and Town Governments

Churches, Societies, Etc.

The Price & Lee Co., Publishers


Listed below are the names in the Watertown section, pages 538 - 543


Anderson Alexander mechanic PO Waterbury
  William mechanic  
Andrews George T. farmer  
Atwood Alanson H. farmer  
  Arthur G. butcher  
  Bennet C. merchant and postmaster  
  Charles M. soap mfr.  
  Charles W. farmer and dealer in grain, coal, lumber, etc.
  Curtiss B farmer  
  David M. farmer  
  Ephraim C. farmer  
  Henry P. mining contractor  
  James M. farmer  
  John S. clerk PO Oakville
  Joseph M. house painter PO Oakville
  Joseph W. farmer  
  Wallace II farmer  
  Walter II farmer  
  William C. farmer  
Babin George pinmaker PO Oakville
Baker Henry F. machinist PO Oakville
Baldwin Charles A. stationary engineer  
  Truman P. bookkeeper  
  William civil engineer  
Ball Bennett farmer PO Oakville
Barlow Erastus D. mfr. wool carriage mats  
  Homer P. mfr. wool carriage mats  
  John mfr. wool carriage mats  
  Walter S. house painter  
Barnes Harry E. farmer  
  Norman W. teamster  
  Seth mechanic  
  William H. teamster  
Bartlett Edwin J. silk sorter  
  Henry H. of the Heminway & Bartlett Silk Co., sewing silks
Barton Andrew W. clerk  
  Edwin T. clerk  
  Francis N. general store  
  George W. clerk  
Bassett George R. laborer  
  Seth B. mechanic  
Bates Edward J. machinist PO Oakville
  Johnson E. machinist PO Oakville
Bean Frank N. drug clerk  
Beardsley David M. farmer  
  George I. merchant PO Oakville
Beeman Albert M. farmer  
Beers William H. foreman Heminway & Sons Silk Co.  
Benedict Frank pinmaker PO Oakville
  John Jr. locomotive engineer, NYNH&H RR  
Bertrand Phllip silk dyer PO Oakville
Bidwell Charles W. farmer and saw mill  
Bishop Hiram L. retired  
Bissell Clifton C. farmer  
Black Elnathan M. farmer  
  James retired  
  James A. teamster  
Blackman Belmont farm hand  
  Murray A. farm hand  
  William M. farmer  
Blakeslee Albert T. farmer  
  Burr S. farm hand PO Thomaston
  Charles farm hand  
  Harry T. farmer  
  Jacob farmer  
  Jacob B. house painter  
Bowen Lawrence farm hand  
Bowers Frederick O. retired  
Bradley Charles S. mechanic PO Oakville
  Robert P. mechanic PO Oakville
Brahem Michael E. livery stable prop.  
  Phillip hack driver  
Breen Thomas H. miller  
Bromberg Charles J. bookkeeper PO Oakville
Bronson Fred H. wagonmaker  
  Theodore carpenter  
Brouette Edgar L. machinist  
Brown Edward S. farm hand  
Bryan Edward farmer  
  Frederick farmer  
  John H. farmer  
  John H. Jr. farmer  
Bryant Berlin H. mechanic  
  Charles B. clerk  
  Frank P. merchant  
  William M. general store  
  William B. mason  
Buckingham John A. retired  
Bunnell Earl W. mechanic  
  William H. laborer  
Burton William B. farmer  
Butterfield Henry milk peddler PO Oakville
Cables Erwin G. farmer  
Callender Dwight O. farmer  
Camp Albert L. farmer PO Oakville
Carpenter Benjamin F. joiner PO Oakville
Caterson H. shipping clerk  
  Mathew mechanic  
Chatfield Robert laborer PO Oakville
Cleasby John F. metal roller  
Colgan James E. clerk Adams Express Co.  
  John mechanic  
  Joseph laborer  
Collins John F. laborer  
Cone Frederick farmer PO Waterbury
Conners John house painter PO Waterbury
Conrad Walter machinist PO Oakville
Cook Charles J. farmer  
  Clarence C. railroad conductor  
  Edgar S. farmer  
  George B. nurse  
  Henry W. farmer  
  Samuel E. roadmaker  
Cooper Charles W. mechanic PO Oakville
Costello James D. janitor  
Cosier Eugene laborer  
Cowles Samuel H. plater  
Cross Henry T. machinist PO Oakville
Cruttenden Edwin T. farmer  
Currie John F. laborer  
Curtiss Shelton C. carpenter  
  William H. trapper PO Thomaston
Cushman Alfred C. farmer PO Oakville
  Alton C. mechanic PO Oakville
Cutler Lyman W. retired  
Dains Alberto A. carriage painter  
  Eben W. pinmaker PO Oakville
Darrow Andrew W. farmer  
Davis Henry F. retired  
  William H. machinist PO Oakville
Dayton Chauncey S. mechanic  
  Curtis A. farmer  
  Henry T. farmer  
  Herbert T. farmer  
Deland Roderick N. hostler  
Demarest George G. mechanic  
  George G. Jr. mechanic  
  Rollin E. mechanic  
Doolittle Edward F. house painter  
  George E. house painter  
Dougherty John brass turner  
  Patrick laborer  
Douglass Charles H. retired merchant PO Oakville
  Frank S. R. merchant and postmaster PO Oakville
Downes Wm. E. D. teacher  
Downey John J. laborer  
  Thomas laborer  
Drake Andrew G. laborer PO Oakville
DuBois Louis W. farmer PO Oakville
Dumphy Thomas F. laborer  
Dunn Michael laborer  
Dunnigan James F. machinist  
  John J. joiner  
  Patrick laborer  
Eddy Alfonzo J. farmer PO Oakville
Edge Joseph laborer  
Estey Orrin D. farmer  
Evans John florist  
  William H. laborer  
Everett Sheldon B. mechanic PO Oakville
Fairchild Frederick S. farmer  
Farrell Peter laborer PO Oakville
Fitch Edwin S. farmer  
  Frederick W. stone mason  
  Henry stone mason  
  William H. laborer  
Fitzpatrick Edward laborer  
  John brass molder  
  Thomas laborer  
Flannagan Thomas H. joiner PO Oakville
Flynn Patrick laborer  
Foot William farmer  
Foster Irwin farmer  
Fox Andrew H. mfr. faucets and cider  
  John H. laborer  
  Louis J. mechanic  
  Marcus M. farmer  
  Sheldon J. farmer  
Freeman Fred laborer  
  George laborer  
  Leverett farmer PO Oakville
  Lot janitor  
French Erastus B. farmer  
  Eugene C. physician  
  James S. farmer  
  Wilbur H. farmer  
  William G. farmer  
Frost Albert S. laborer PO Oakville
  Henry S. sup't factory of A. N. Woolson  
  Samuel B. laborer PO Oakville
Gailey John J. foreman M. H. & Sons S. Co.  
Gambel James dyer  
Gee Thomas mechanic  
Geoghegan Joseph mechanic PO Oakville
Gibson Bennett F. teamster  
  Charles E. mechanic  
Gilbert Edwin T. beekeeper and mechanic  
Gillette Frederick H. farmer  
Gilmore Frank machinist  
Goussett Frank wood chopper  
Griffin James E. joiner  
Griswold George N. bookkeeper  
Gwilym Benjamin fireman M. H. & Sons S. Co.  
Haight James mechanic PO Oakville
Hall Henry shoemaker  
Hand Frederick B. farmer  
Hannon Daniel F. farmer and house painter  
  Frederick B. locomotive fireman NYNH&H RR  
Hard Andrew C. hostler  
  Andrew M. prop. livery stable  
  Anson A. yard foreman Holmes, Booth & Hayden, Waterbury
  David M. farmer  
  Russell H. hostler  
Hardt George T. farm hand  
Harper George A. farmer  
  Theron milk peddler  
Harrison Henry C. butcher  
Hart Lucius teamster  
  Milo retired farmer  
Haskins George E. carpenter and builder  
Hearn George B. laborer  
Heckler Phillip farmer PO Reynolds Bridge
Heminway B. Havens sec. Heminway & Bartlett Silk Co.  
  Buell of Heminway & Bartlett Silk Co.  
  Harry H. of Heminway & Sons Silk Co.  
  Merrit of Heminway & Sons Silk Co.  
Hickcox Howard M. farmer and undertaker  
Hickox Caleb T. retired  
  Edward laborer PO Oakville
  Fred E. laborer PO Oakville
  George laborer PO Oakville
  George E. laborer PO Oakville
  Henry R. mechanic  
  Joseph R. tinsmith  
Higgins Thomas D. mechanic  
Hinman Berkley L. farmer PO Oakville
Hoffman William farmer PO Oakville
Holihan John H. dealer wagons and carriages  
Holleran John B. railroad baggage master  
Holt Charles R. machinist  
Hooper Louis L. laborer  
Hopkins John M. sec. The Baird Machine Co. PO Oakville
Hosking Samuel gardener  
  William E. mechanic  
Hotchkiss Elmer I. farm hand  
  Ira C. feed mill dealer  
  James R. metal roller PO Thomaston
Hoxie Robert S. mechanic PO Oakville
Hubbard Francis G. mechanic  
  George P. mechanic  
Hubbell Charles F. farmer  
  Elmore farmer  
  Orestus mechanic PO Oakville
Hudson Charles blacksmith  
  George blacksmith  
Hungerford Charles T. mechanic  
  George F. pinmaker PO Oakville
  George W. joiner PO Oakville
  James E. farmer  
  Joel farmer  
  Jonas farmer  
  William C Insurance agent PO Oakville and New York City
Iles Edwin mechanic PO Oakville
Ineson Abram machinist PO Oakville
  Barnabas farmer PO Oakville
  Frank machinist PO Oakville
  John H. machinist PO Oakville
Ingraham Edward S. mechanic PO Oakville
Jackson George laborer  
Jacobs Emil farmer PO Oakville
Johnson Cyrus S. laborer  
  Marshall farmer PO Oakville
Jolline Olin E. teacher  
Jones Myron carpenter and joiner  
  Simeon M. farmer  
  William farmer  
Judd Albert L. farmer  
  Charles M. pinmaker PO Oakville
  Frederick farmer  
  George P. farmer  
  Henry E. farmer  
  William farmer  
Kane Charles coachman  
  John laborer  
Keilty James gardener  
  John gardener  
  John J. deliver clerk  
  John M. laborer  
  Michael laborer  
Kelley Patrick    
Kelly Timothy J. machinist  
  William L. bookkeeper  
Kennedy James F. laborer  
  John laborer  
  John D. blacksmith PO Oakville
  Patrick laborer  
  Thomas laborer  
Kilbourn Charles S. machinist  
King Henry mechanic PO Oakville
  Owen B. retired PO Watertown and Chicago, Ill.
Kraus Charles Otto machinist PO Oakville
LaForge Louis J. mechanic PO Oakville
  Sylvester mechanic PO Oakville
Lamphier George A. farmer  
  Joseph C. farmer  
Lane George H. mechanic  
Lecky Robert silk dyer  
Lewis George F. mechanic  
  Robert T. machinist  
  Robert T. Jr. machinist  
  William F. farmer  
Lindsay Wilson silk dyer  
Lockwood Charles E. farmer  
  Edson B. farmer  
Loughlin M. J. farmer PO Oakville
Loveland James L. farmer  
Lynch Garrett laborer PO Oakville
  William mechanic PO Oakville
Mack Calvin farmer PO Waterbury
  Christian L. brass molder  
  Frank E. milk peddler PO Waterbury
    Henry L. PO Waterbury
Magee John J. mechanic  
  Robert V. shoemaker  
  Thomas mechanic  
Marggraff Emil C. harnessmaker  
Markel William mechanic  
Marshall Silas railroad brakeman  
Marvin Benjamin T. farmer  
  Josiah B. laborer  
  Wilbur laborer  
Mattoon Alfred H. farmer PO Oakville
  Burton H. fire insurance and real estate  
  Charles B. farmer  
  Henry J. retired  
Maxwell James laborer  
McCarthy Thomas laborer  
McCleary James laborer  
  Samuel laborer  
McCormick William laborer PO Oakville
McGowan E. D. brass turner  
  J. D. brass molder  
  Thomas F. brass turner  
McNeil Myron clerk  
Mehan James T. mechanic PO Oakville
Miller Nathaniel B. mechanic  
Minnehan John Jr. laborer  
Mitchell Marcus M. mason  
Missell Charles L. machinist  
Moore Hugh B. foreman silk mill  
  John W. foreman silk mill  
  Robert J. foreman silk mill  
Morehouse Andrew farmer  
  Morgan A. farmer  
Morey Leanard D. joiner PO Oakville
Morway Frank L. deputy sheriff  
Munger Walter S. physician  
Munroe Edward J. joiner  
  Jarius joiner  
Munson Joseph M. farmer  
  William J. farmer and contractor  
Nelson Horatio machinist PO Oakville
Newell Joseph S. sawyer PO Thomaston
  Paul mechanic PO Oakville
  Philo mechanic PO Oakville
Nitsche Charles mechanic PO Oakville
  Ernest farmer PO Oakville
  Otto mechanic PO Oakville
Noble Charles M. farmer  
  Frank E. bookkeeper PO Oakville
Norton David stone mason  
  Edgar S. farm foreman  
  George F. upholsterer PO Oakville
O'Donnell Roger laborer PO Oakville
O'Neil Patrick laborer PO Oakville
Oviatt Kelsey D. farm hand  
Oxley Samuel brass molder  
Painter Francis M. laborer  
  Frank J. nickel plater  
Pardee Alfred B. laborer  
  George W. farmer  
  William E. farmer  
Partree Fred J. farmer  
  William W. farmer  
Peck David E. mechanic  
  Edson joiner PO Oakville
  Frank O. farmer  
  Samuel H. farmer  
Peet Andrew joiner PO Oakville
Percy Truman capitalist  
Perry George W. farmer  
Pickett William L. farmer PO Reynolds Bridge
Pierce Edwin laborer  
Place Issac boarding house PO Oakville
  Walter D. bookkeeper PO Oakville
Platt Henry farmer and capitalist  
Plumb Frank H. teamster PO Oakville
Porter Guy B. farmer  
Pritchard George F. blacksmith  
Purdy John laborer  
  John Jr. mechanic  
  Patrick mechanic  
Reynolds Frank mechanic PO Oakville
Roberts James farmer PO Thomaston
  Vernon J. farmer PO Thomaston
Roesky Otto T. florist  
Rogers Charles shoemaker  
  James T. mechanic  
  John J. machinist PO Oakville
Roussett Dennis silk dyer  
Russell William E. butcher PO Oakville
Scott Cyrus ice peddler  
  Frederick mechanic  
  George H. carpenter and joiner  
  Henry E. mason  
  Henry G. mason  
  John L. bookkeeper  
  Mortimer J. farmer  
Scovill Alfred H. farmer  
Sepples Michael R. clerk  
Seymour Alonzo house painter  
Shannahan John D. farmer PO Waterbury
Shaw Jared farmer PO Oakville
Shields John engine wiper  
  Thomas section boss  
Skilton Albert W. farmer  
  George A. farmer  
  George F. farmer  
  James G. farmer  
  Julius J. farmer  
  Merritt C. sawyer  
Skinner William P. retired  
Slade Frederick miller PO Oakville
  F. C. Jr. miller PO Oakville
Slocum Charles machinist PO Oakville
  John M. farmer PO Oakville
Smith Charles farmer  
  Edward E. beekeeper  
  Garry farmer  
  George H. hardware mfr. PO Oakville
  Howard farmer  
  Issac E. Methodist clergyman  
  John F farmer PO Oakville
  Lincoln T. farmer  
  Robert farmer  
  Seymour hardware mfr. PO Oakville
  Sidney farmer  
  Truman J. farmer PO Oakville
  William H. hardware mfr. PO Oakville
Smithers Elmore E. milk peddler  
Sperry Jared farmer  
  Lyman farmer  
  Philo B. farmer  
Stanley George I. farmer  
Stephens Alfred H. foreman silk mill  
  Daniel H. farmer PO Thomaston
  Louis J. foreman silk mill  
Sterry George L. farmer  
  Marvin L. farmer  
St. George Henry depot baggage-master  
Stiles William H. mechanic PO Oakville
Stoddard E. R. mechanic PO Oakville
Stone Albert A. bookkeeper PO Oakville
Suffa Joseph tinner  
Summers George M. hotel  
Sunderland William farmer PO Oakville
Sweeney James laborer  
Taft Horace D. teacher  
Taylor Frank D. butcher PO Oakville
  John H. farmer  
Thomas Eldridge laborer PO Oakville
  Martin laborer  
  William laborer PO Oakville
Trewrew George mechanic  
Trowbridge Thomas R. farmer  
Twiss Henry E. wagonmaker  
Upson Herbert M. bookkeeper  
  Leroy bookkeeper  
Venet Claudius silk dyer  
Verba John farmer  
Virtue John laborer  
Walker Patrick mechanic  
Warner Charles machinist  
  Charles E. farmer and general store PO Oakville
  Fred E. machinist PO Oakville
  George B. house painter  
  Henry W. laborer  
  H. William contractor and builder PO Oakville
  Leslie hair pin mfr. PO Oakville
  Robert H. joiner PO Oakville
  William N. clerk PO Oakville
Warren Charles A. U. S. Int. Rev. collector  
  William machinist  
Warrington William J. laborer  
Watrous Edgar R. mechanic PO Oakville
Watson John night watchman  
Welton Daniel S. teamster PO Oakville
  Elmore W. farmer  
  Henry P. butcher  
Weston E. Henry laborer PO Oakville
  John W. laborer PO Oakville
Wheeler Eugene W. station agent  
  Myron farm hand  
White James laborer  
  James B. laborer  
  John W. laborer  
  Robert S. night watchman  
  Samuel peddler  
  William laborer  
  William J. foreman silk mill  
Whitney Ville Roy mechanic  
  Walter S. mechanic  
Williams Frederick J. farmer  
  Joseph G. laborer  
  Thomas J. farm hand  
Wilson William farmer  
Wooding Guy peddler  
Woodruff Charles C. retired  
  Charles E. farmer PO Oakville
  Frederick N. farmer  
  Jerome H. farmer  
Woodward Charles B. farmer  
  Charles H. joiner  
  Daniel farmer PO Thomaston
  David mfr. sashes and blinds PO Atlanta, Ga.
  Henry laborer PO Thomaston
  Lucius farmer  
  Sherman R. farmer  
Woodworth Charles mechanic  
Woolson Augustus N. mfr. umbrella trimmings and mouse traps  
  James B. mechanic  
Wooster Edward H. nurse  
  James B. farmer  
Worrall John farmer  
Wright Ernest G. foreman silk mill  
  George A. butcher  
  Howard J. farmer  
Zeidler Ernest N. barber  


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