What Makes a Rockstar Same Day Edit Wedding Video?

A few years ago, the elements of making a great wedding video consisted of capturing essential highlights on the wedding day – from the ceremony, to the cake cutting, reception dancing, and more. However, videographers today are opting for groundbreaking techniques to produce not just a documentary recording of the wedding’s chronological events. The advent of same day edit films call for a more cinematic look so the video tells more about the story of the couple, as well as the people who has joined them in the celebration.
The art of creating SDE films is something that expert videographers have mastered. Hence, it is important to be thorough when looking for one to film your wedding so you can have a cinematic presentation that you and your guests can enjoy immediately.
To guide you in making the decision, here are a few crucial pointers to look out for when examining the portfolio of videographers offering same day edit Vancouver services.
Cinematic Editing
This is one of the most important and notable features of same day edit videos today. Most videographers follow a unique formula that is consistent with their unique style. Aside from incorporating audio and video into the film, it is important to consider tone and pacing. A skilled video editor will be able to handle these four elements in a nice symmetry in order to produce beautiful and compelling results.
Maximizing Use of Raw Footage
A good Vancouver same day edit cinematography team must be able to make the most of raw footages captured during the wedding. For instance, random shots of guests dancing or the couple’s exchanging of vows can make the video personal and memorable. These small moments captured on film can produce a powerful impact on the final edit of the wedding video. The important wedding characters such as the bride, groom and parents should be featured on the film. However, the other characters can also inject more life into the film to make the moment a shared experience for everyone involved.
Sequencing and Rough Cuts
Another common feature of cinematic videos for wedding is the use of rough sequencing. Hence, the footages are not arranged in a chronological manner. The shots are not presented in a linear sequence but rather trimmed and added in a cinematic manner. This makes the video unpredictable and fun to watch for the guests at the reception because they do not know what to expect. Despite the rough sequencing, there should still be a good narrative behind it. And this is what separates a good editor from the great ones.
The challenges involved with gathering the footage taken during the ceremony and the reception and then editing them is not easy. You are working with a limited time. Hence, only the best and most experienced videographers can manage their time wisely to get the video ready and in time for the presentation. A good SDE video must not comprise all footages from the wedding though; instead, they should feature the highlights of the events of the day.
If you want to make your same day edit wedding video truly memorable, you need to hire an experienced and skilled cinematographer. And if you’re holding a wedding in Vancouver, there is only Life Studios Inc. to trust on. Visit http://lifestudiosinc.com/cinematography/wedding-cinematography-vancouver/ to learn more about the importance of hiring expert professionals to make your investment count.

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