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3 Qualities to Look For in Effective Competency Training Courses

Competency-based learning is vital for the growth of companies who are in a competitive industry. The old adage is true – your employees or staff are your best asset so you need to endow them with the knowledge and skills that allow you to compete. Thankfully, there are a number of competency training courses available locally or on the internet for you to enroll them in. These courses vary in terms of the level of learning from beginners to advanced competencies, depending on your needs or goals.
Competency Training Courses
When comparing competency training courses, you should be on the lookout for basic qualities particularly 3 of the most important ones. What are these three?
1. Practical Benefits
Learning is only as good as its practical application. A lot of courses are created with the intent of passing on knowledge and honing skills to its students. But in the case of competency training in a work environment, you need to focus on practical application!
A good course that offers practical application is based on research to pinpoint the unique challenges you and your employees face on a daily basis. What skills do they need? What type of situations do you face on a daily basis? What is the most efficient way to overcome these challenges or hurdles? It is highly important for the course to be learner-centric and outcome-based. Knowledge and skills are only as good as how you are able to use them in practical situations.
2. Outcome-Based
As mentioned above, it is important for a course to focus on how to utilize the skills and knowledge taught within the course to achieve your desired outcome. A set of competencies should be outlined, defined and taught within the course with a goal in mind. The teacher of the course must also provide an honest and timely assessment of the learning achievements based on the results you wish to achieve. If there is any room for improvement, an intervention is done to make timely adjustments to the approach. Along the way, they will also learn how to be resourceful in their use of skill or knowledge. You are teaching your employees to become problem-solvers in the process, too.
3. Differentiation
The most effective competency training courses are the ones that are adjusted to meet the individual learner. Your employees each have unique traits and competency level. Therefore, you need to find a course that understands these differences and adjusts the learning to make it easier for them to acquire the necessary knowledge and skill.
Therefore, it is important to look at the curriculum and do a comparison on the specific areas that your employees need to improve on. This will enable you to maximize the benefits of the course to gain the progress you desire for the organization as a whole.
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