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4 Major Reasons You May Be Suffering From Stomach Pain

New medical breakthroughs are made by scientists, medical researchers, and doctors to help people remain healthy and more importantly fight cancer; one of the leading causes of death in modern times. Reported by the Observer, doctors are advising their patients to eat healthily and should include lots of fruits and vegetables in their diet. These include spinach, berries, citrus, cantaloupe, sweet peppers and the king of fruit – mangoes. So if you live in Mango Hill, you must also visit any of the doctors Mango Hill has to advise you on the diet you should have for a healthy living.

It is always advised to see your family GP or locally book doctors Mango Hill-based online if you or any of your family members are in serious discomfort. The following list determines the common causes and cures for the number one reason people cannot go to work or school – tummy aches.

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Gastroesophageal Reflux

Humans can suffer from reflux at any age. You will notice babies spit up quite frequently because their stomach may not be able to handle certain proteins and throw a fit if fed lying down. Others may feel a burning sensation in their esophagus or near their chest or heart area. This occurs because the muscle that usually shuts your esophagus like a valve is not working properly. The burning sensation is due to harsh stomach acids slowly creeping up your food pipe making your insides feel prickly and uncomfortable. By speaking to your local GP like any of the doctors Mango Hill has, they can easily prescribe you medication for heartburn as well as certain experimental drugs available on the market for gastro reflux. You might want to avoid fatty, spicy and acidic food for a while as well.

Functional Abdominal Pain

It sounds painful as it is, but sometimes a sharp ghost pain occurs from scar tissues, heightened brain-stomach relations and sometimes from stress or fear. In such cases, you must visit a GP Northlake has to figure out the true cause of this syndrome. If the cause is not known, then rather than giving up on a perfectly beautiful day, try and distract yourself for a few hours, get a massage or engage in non-stressing activities and go to work later. Usually, there is a tingling pain that escalates to sharp throbbing behind the bellybutton. To treat such pain, you may want to learn relaxing techniques to get past it.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

A punch line in many Hollywood rom-com, it is a common abdominal defect which usually occurs in the evening or night time. The symptoms of IBS range from bloating, gas diarrhea or constipation, depending on the patient’s food habits and exercise levels. By meeting your doctor and dietician regularly, you can figure out what cuisine to avoid and how to gain more control over your life. They may also suggest you incorporate more fiber and less fat as this helps to reduce the spasms which cause IBS.

Ulcers & Appendicitis

These two defects should be medically taken care of as soon as possible. Although they may initially seem harmless and almost manageable with natural products, they can quickly turn into life-threatening bacterial infested diseases needing surgery.

Keep track of your family’s health by visiting any mango hill medical center near you. You can also visit websites like find out more.