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Aged Care 101: The Right Way to Handle Patient Handover

Nursing or senior care facilities provide a place of refuge for senior individuals to get the care they need and deserve. Despite the fact that this is the number one choice for families with senior loved ones, many prefer to stay at home and under the care of a Caulfield aged care nurse. Realizing this huge demand, a lot of nurses are also switching to providing palliative care Malvern can offer to advance their careers. Plus, working in a private residence is definitely less stressful than working in a nursing facility. This explains why a lot of nurses have also pursued this type of career.

For nurses offering their services to private residence Caulfield has, especially those with senior individuals, it is important to know the right way to provide such care. One of the most critical aspects about nursing care for seniors is the patient handover. You can learn more why this is important and how to do it correctly below.

What is Patient Handover?

Patient handover is the process of sharing information about a patient from one caregiver to another (in between shifts). When one nurse’s shift is over, another one comes in to take their place. The new nurse that comes in should be given adequate information about how the patient is doing in the past 8 to 10 hours.

Typically, a Caulfield aged care nurse for private residences would use verbal or taped handover system. Either way, there should be proper reporting system to make handover of information as easy and efficient as possible, for the benefit of the patient. Click here Aarcare

Tips for Doing Handover

As part of the training to become a private care nurse, the handover procedure is taught to students. But to remind you, there are a few crucial information to focus on to aid your fellow nurse when starting their shift. The first information is with regards to their current condition. You need to be specific in providing details about how the patient is doing throughout your shift. If there are any changes to the treatment plan, it is also important to let them know. Make sure you have written down information about dosage and frequency of medication, if there are changes that apply.

It is also important to be aware about all of the nurses’ schedules. Thus, you can check when the other nurse last checked in and if they are aware of the current status of the patient. In your report, include physical observations and any assessments you have made during your shift. If there is anything that still needs to be done (such as any form of treatment, or if the senior patient has not taken their meal yet, etc), make sure to include that in your report.

As mentioned above, a Caulfield aged care nurse that offers services to private residence Malvern has today undergoes a special kind of training. This training will enable them to cope with the challenges of the job and in working with their fellow nurse to provide optimum care for the patients. If you want peace of mind knowing that your loved one is under the right care, go to to find a private nurse now.