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3 Qualities to Look For in Effective Competency Training Courses

Competency-based learning is vital for the growth of companies who are in a competitive industry. The old adage is true – your employees or staff are your best asset so you need to endow them with the knowledge and skills that allow you to compete. Thankfully, there are a number of competency training courses available locally or on the internet for you to enroll them in. These courses vary in terms of the level of learning from beginners to advanced competencies, depending on your needs or goals. Competency Training Courses When comparing competency training courses, you should be on the lookout for basic qualities particularly 3 of the most important ones. What are these three? 1. Practical Benefits Learning is only as good as its practical application. A lot of courses are created with the intent of passing on knowledge and honing skills to its students. But in the case of competency training in a work environment, you need to focus on practical application! A good course that offers practical application is based on research to pinpoint the unique challenges you and your employees face on a daily basis. What skills do they need? What type of situations do you face on a daily basis? What is the most efficient way to overcome these challenges or hurdles? It is highly important for the course to be learner-centric and outcome-based. Knowledge and skills are only as good as how you are able to use them in practical situations. 2. Outcome-Based As mentioned above, it is important for a course to focus on how to utilize the skills and knowledge taught within the course to achieve your desired outcome. A set of competencies should be outlined, defined and taught within the course with a goal in mind. The teacher of the course must also provide an honest and timely assessment of the learning achievements based on the results you wish to achieve. If there is any room for improvement, an intervention is done to make timely adjustments to the approach. Along the way, they will also learn how to be resourceful in their use of skill or knowledge. You are teaching your employees to become problem-solvers in the process, too. 3. Differentiation The most effective competency training courses are the ones that are adjusted to meet the individual learner. Your employees each have unique traits and competency level. Therefore, you need to find a course that understands these differences and adjusts the learning to make it easier for them to acquire the necessary knowledge and skill. Therefore, it is important to look at the curriculum and do a comparison on the specific areas that your employees need to improve on. This will enable you to maximize the benefits of the course to gain the progress you desire for the organization as a whole. If you want your staff to be competitive in your industry, you can enroll them into competency training courses that will boost their skill and knowledge. Extend Training offers a wide range of courses in Melbourne to propel your company where you need it to be. For more details, you can check out the courses offered at

How to Fight Depression with NLP

Depression is and has always been an important concern in the field of mental health. According to experts, it has now replaced back pain as the main cause of absence from work. The problem with depression is that the condition is rarely ever diagnosed and most of those who suffer from dismissing it as being something that is less serious. NLP practitioner training will reveal that there is more to depression than meets the eye. Thankfully, you can treat it using advanced methods such as neuro-linguistic programming.

Anyone who has undergone NLP practitioner training will understand that the basic concepts behind this technique can treat depression and anxiety. Those who are tasked to handle these cases are often plagued with an overwhelming amount of depressive thoughts and emotions. They are meant to absorb all these thoughts and emotions to allow the patient to experience a release from them.

But NLP or neuro-linguistic programming has proven results to show off as an alternative method of treating depression. It is a great way to approach the treatment process especially if you do not want to take up medication. It manipulates one of the most important triggers for depression – the patient’s brain.

Some say to refer to the use of NLP to fight depression as a treatment is a misnomer. It is simply a method used to train your brain to get back into the driver’s seat. It is you, the patient, and not the trainer or coach, is one making the decision to let go of your depressive thoughts and turn it into something positive. It is a powerful move and one that will train your brain to become even stronger.

The first step in NLP technique to fight depression is to stop the train of depressing brain patterns. This is a crucial first step in order for the other techniques to work. The other set of techniques used in NLP practitioner training that is applicable for depression are as follows:

  • A combination of visual, kinetic and auditory systems is used to reinforce beliefs and outcomes that the patient strives for. In this case, a rediscovery of happiness and positive thoughts in the brain.
  • It aims to improve the language patterns of patients to set goals, re-frame beliefs, and to control thinking outcomes for a given situation.
  • It trains you, the patient, to link goal setting with a course of action. It also trains the brain to work simultaneously on the conscious and subconscious level. It helps to bring to the forefront any emotional and mental issues that should be addressed.
  • The importance of communication is reinforced. You must learn to communicate your thoughts and listen to others as well.

The concept of neurolinguistic programming is far more complex than what was described here. However, it is a powerful approach to changing the way your brain operates giving new meaning to the phrase “mind over matter”. Indeed, no one can help you get out of your depression and anxiety but you – and most especially your brain. read more

Learning to Drive in Queensland – You Will Need a Good Instructor

If you live in a place such as Logan and wish to learn driving, you will have to start looking for a good driving school. The idea of learning to drive a car from a professional driving instructor is always the best option. Often the temptation for parents is to try and teach their children to drive themselves. While the idea might sound good, especially since it will save them some dollars, there can be long term damage done to the required driving skills of the son/daughter learning from the parent. For getting good driving lessons Logan experts provide, you must join a driving institute that carries a good reputation in Logan, and once you learn from them, you will emerge a very good driver.

Driving Lessons Logan

Elements of a Good Driving School

Any driving school offering driving lessons in Logan has to have two or three basic factors to offer to their learners. One is that the type of cars they use to teach the driving lessons have to be well maintained. The cars should be clean and have all parts, including the air conditioning, functioning at their best. The next is the driving instructor. The driving school offering the services of driving lessons Logan based, has to have the right kind of instructors, who have the full knowledge of the car, the road rules and also the ability to impart the knowledge without getting angry or make the learners feel nervous. Lastly, if, after fully learning to drive and when you are confident of handling a vehicle on your own, you wish to get a licence, the driving school should be able to help you get the licence. This, they will do by preparing you thoroughly for the driving tests to be given before the authorities so that they approve the grant of licence to you.

How do they go about it?

One of the qualities of the best driving lessons Logan institutes provide, would be how much training they provide on various theoretical aspects before you are allowed to take the wheel. This would mean that you as a learner would be sitting next to the instructor on the passenger seat and keenly watching the instructor handling the car. The way the clutch is engaged while shifting gears, the meanings of the road signs that you cross while driving within the city or out of it and so on, all should be taught properly. The Logan driving lessons will definitely include lessons on how to sense and detect hazards or risks on the road, even before they surface, so that the possibilities of accidents are minimised. Typical examples here would include people crossing the road, especially children or if there is a sign indicating animal movements on the highway and so on. read more

Four Easy Steps to Get Your Massage Therapy Diploma

With more and more schools and institutions offering good training courses for a massage diploma these days, there is no reason for anyone looking to make a career as a massage therapist not to go for it. Massage therapy doesn’t only provide a good source of income, it’s also a great career to help people alleviate their stress, relieve pain and help their injuries. Of course, before you dive into this field and have your training course, it important to know more about massage therapy and the ways to get certified.

What Does a Massage Therapist Do?

Masseuses are considered as health care professionals, as they stretch, knead and stimulate sore and tight muscles, relieve stress and pain and rehab injuries. Aside from manipulating their patient’s tissue, the therapist needs to know about his client’s medical history, present conditions and understand their joint functionality. A good therapist makes customized treatment plans, but before he can do it, they need evaluate clients muscle strength, range of motion, etc. He may need to mix and match different treatment techniques of massage therapy to do so. And the task also includes maintaining records and providing referrals.

How to Be a Massage Therapist

First Step: Finish High School

A high school diploma (or equivalent) is required to gain admission to massage therapy program. Though training courses and programs are not usually offered in high school, subjects such as anatomy, biology, and even physical education can provide a good solid foundation for the training.

Second Step: Explore the Different Massage Therapy Options

Before you enroll yourself to a program, you will need to consider the different types of therapies available. There are lots of different types of massage therapy out there, and though they have similarities in their idea, they can be very different in application and theory. Some of the most common options out there include Swedish massage, Thai massage, deep tissue massage, shiatsu, hot stone massage, reflexology, pregnancy massage, sports massage, etc. Also, different clients have different needs and preferences. Being able to familiarize yourself to these different schools of thoughts will give you the edge in the field. read more

Things to Consider When Enrolling For a High School Diploma Online Accreditation

An online high school is a great way to earn a diploma. There are many benefits that come with it. It allows you to achieve a greater time flexibility, since you can organize your classes around work and other responsibilities. You are not distracted by issues of regular school which enables you to concentrate with your studies. Online high school programs enable you to specialize in only the subjects that you are interested in and you get to finish earlier than traditional students. Benefits of online high school diploma are truly numerous. If you are considering enrolling for a high school diploma online accreditation, it is extremely important to choose an online high school best suited for your needs. There are also many programs being offered out there. But, which one is the best for you? These are among other many considerations you ought to make before enrolling for a high school diploma online accreditation program. They are discussed below:

high school diploma online accreditation

Is online high school right for you?

Online high school is not fit for everyone. Teens with close supervision of parents during study hours, self-motivated teens and adults are the ideal students for virtual programs. Can you focus on your studies without the supervision of a teacher? Can you turn in assignments without being pushed or reminded? If you are a parent intending to enroll your teen for a high school diploma online accreditation, determine their level of socialization. If they like sporting, you may look for a community sports program where the teen can take part in.

How do I choose the right online high school?

It is extremely important to choose your online high school wisely. There are basically four online high school diploma programs. First are the private online high schools. They are not controlled by the government, have the most trusted form of accreditation and student get to have one-on-one access with tutors and counselors. Second are public online high schools. They are free of charge for minor students and also lend students computers and curriculum at no cost. The third category is online charter schools which are also founded by the government. They offer special courses at no-cost. Normally, online charter schools target particular demographics such as school dropouts. The fourth category is the university-affiliated online high schools which are controlled by universities. Your choice of an online high school diploma program will depend on your personal needs, preference and budget. read more